Happiness at the festival in Tang Valley

Happiness at the festival in Tang Valley

How TO Book

  1. Drop us a call or email to talk about your travel requirements, and we'll help you refine an itinerary to suit.
  2. For most travel requirements, the government mandated minimum daily price will cover all your requirements.
  3. We arrange the Bhutan visa will also assist with connecting flights into and out of Bhutan, or internal flights were necessary.
  4. All payments are made to the government trust fund, not directly to us. 
  5. From the moment you arrive at Paro airport you are in our care.

If you have found the itinerary on this website that best suits your needs, email us now to begin arrangements. If you wish to enhance your travel experience in Bhutan by upgrading to five-star hotels then we can tailor and quote an itinerary to suit.


The government of Bhutan mandates that a minimum spend of US$250 per day has to be met by tourists (reduced to US$200 in the low season). This mandated spend includes a generous amount which goes directly towards funding education in Bhutan and covering the free health care for all Bhutanese people. In this way, your travel directly benefits everyone in Bhutan, and adds to our Gross National Happiness.