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Bhutan Cultural and Hiking Tour

From picturesque landscapes, tranquil villages, scenic walking trails, pristine forests, friendly people, towering mountains, charming farmhouses, vibrant architecture, intact environment, soft hiking in the bosom of mother nature to relaxation, we will help find you moments to connect with Bhutan and also with your inner self. 

Far Eastern Bhutan

This adventure focuses on the far eastern parts of Bhutan where few travellers venture. We start in Assam and work our way by road all the way back to Paro. It's an epic journey that takes you to remote villages and meets diverse ethnic groups. It's a unique travel experience in every sense.

Long Weekend in Bhutan

Make a long weekend from a short visit, we'll get you around the Paro Valley and capital city of Thimphu to taste the Bhutanese culture and help you understand why Bhutan is such a peaceful and charming destination.

Cultural Heartlands Tour

Spend a little more time immersed in the history and cultural treasures of Bhutan. A gentle pace of travel made easier with an internal flight across the country, and filled with the very best of Bhutan's spiritual icons.